I just need some help about rejection reasons!

I want to know the reasons for my project being rejected so that I can consider the next projects.
thanks a lot.

hi Mahmoud
well i think that u have a big problem of commercial potential in the first place , as combining letters is not a good idea for a logo, this means that u can only address to people who have a and z in their logo, so much of a limited target in the end … after this, it looks crystal clear for me that u used rgb colors when u are expected to use cmyk as the logo is probably meant to be printed. Besides, talking about the color , they are very flashy and turn out to be aggressive for eyes, not to mention that they do not combine so well, this does not generate a real harmony at this stage. U also have much of an issue with typo as the one u use for the name is quite flat and has no relationship at all with the a of the graphic part, plus, the tagline’s font i really not matching at all with teh rest
finally if i were u , i would try to bring some effects to the table so that the illustration goes more lively and punchy visually, at this stage what u’ve got is way to “raw” if u ask me
i advice u to take your time , focus on quality and bringing the best possible product to the table

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hey that was a really great lesson my friend. I think I did a lot of mistakes and I’ll try again and I’ll do my best.
thank you so much.

no this is not “mistakes” this is that u still need to learn and realize that standards here are pretty high also due to the number of guys in town and the big number of items … u are right keep on doing your best, pay attention about quality and originality and your time will come :slight_smile:

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