I just got rejected for my first song.

I just received an email that my song was rejected because of the quality standard reasons. Can you give me some feedback about this?

link to track


I’d suggest adding some kind of chordal comping, probably Guitar, to add some movement.

Also, try moving the bass and drums further back into the mix, maybe with reverb on a send/bus. Right now everyone is front and center. A little more stereo separation would help too.

If you can pop over to my thread and listen to something I’d appreciate your comments as well!



The track is very clipping, this is the first thing that is unacceptable

Yes piano at intro is distorted in a bad way. Watch out for volumes and going over red. All sounds are very aggressive, while it should kind of be softer. Kick has a lot low end compared to other sounds. Watch out for mastering not to push it that hard too.

Friends, thank you for the comments!
Very nice!!!