I just got rejected for my first song. Need feedback

Hi guys,

I just received an email that my song was rejected because of the quality standard reasons. I just started to make some changes on it. Can you give me some feedback about this? Much appreciated.

Here is the link for the song: Gone by MusicBySud

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Not bad, but I would use a better piano sound, use less reverb and totally rethink and rebuild the composition.

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I have been using the original libraries of the FL studio. It looks like is not gonna cut it for the short run as well. I need to buy a new library for that.

Thank you for the feedback.


this is beautiful, but in the loud part, it sounds a bit choke (too much compression). Try less reverb, a bit of saturation (to reduce the peaks and make it sounds fatter). You may try many types to find the best with your piano sound (tape, tube etc). After that, you will be able to make it as loud but less choke.

By the way, your music on your soundcloud is really great! :smiley:

I am working on my composing skills for a long time on a piano. When I thought I should start using DAWs in general I thought it would be way easier than this. There are lots to figure out. I kind of got lost in it. Thank you so much for the feedback. I will apply these changes immediately and let you now :smile:

Thank you for the compliments about the SoundCloud. I try my best :slight_smile:

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I invite you to check this great mixing youtube channel: MixbusTV https://www.youtube.com/user/mixbustv/featured. The guy is technical yet easy to understand and logical. My mixes (and masters by extension) really improved 3 years ago when I found that channel particulary those two videos:

The first: Loudness is not in Mastering: Is all about the MIX! The Secret to Louder Mixes Crest Factor should help for the compression/limiting problem at the end of your track. :slight_smile:

I will check it out. Thank you :smile: