i just bought a theme and finding it difficult to upload it on my web page

please can someone help me how I can upload my just bought theme on my website. I have tried it with my TPF code guide buy its not working can anyone help me. i’m looking for the author to send him a mail but can’t also find him.my mistake was that I just sawtheme and bought it without considering many factors.
this is an ichurch theme

What issue are you having? 'Missing style-sheet"?

thank you very much trying that now to see.Will get back to you with feedback

I have downloaded the"installble wordpress files only but can’t find the zip via wp-admin
What I see is _MACOSX and CONTENT.
Under content I see only: documentation; ichurch; Licensing; .DS_Store
Under Documentation I see only: .idea; Assets Libraries; .DS_Store; index
Under MACOX I also see only: content; ichurch .content
Under content I see Documentation; ichurch; .
.DS_Store; ._documentation; ._church
Under Documentation I see again: .idea; assests; libraries; and the othe ones as above
There is no where I can findthe zip via wp-admin
Any further help please.

Assuming you have Wordpress installed on your own domain and hosting (not WordPress.com) then

  • login to your WordPress dashboard
  • “appearance”
  • "themes"
    And upload the zip file you downloaded from TF

please sir I am on my dashboard but just as I said I can’t find the zip file so can I just install the MACOXS content or how
Sorry for the inconvenience but I am a bit confuse that is why

Make sure you select ‘save’ not ‘open’ when you download the Installable WordPress File Only and make sure you know where it saves this file e.g. downloads

(If for any reason it does open the zip you can use FTP or just rezip it)

You need it as a zip file to add it to the WP-Admin