I just bought a template but now it seems the seller does not give support


This week I bought the template Kreativa Photography Theme for WordPress.

Now after downloading and installing the template I need help. I tried to get support with the seller. Unfortunately I can’t get in touch. It now appears that this seller has not provided support for at least 1 year (or possibly longer).

How do I still get support, or if not, do I get my purchase price back?

What seems to be a problem?

It shows everywhere problems, navigation does not work anymore etc etc etc
(min-breedte: 768px) en (max-breedte: 959px) { pagina-inhoud } @media alleen scherm en (max-breedte: 767px) { pagina-inhoud } @media alleen scherm en (min-breedte: 480px) en (max -width: 767px) { pagina-inhoud } .slideshow_title, .static_slideshow_title { lettertypegrootte: 40px;line-height:40px; }

See www.drone-pro.nl

Did you translate those codes into Dutch? They have to be in English.

I did not do anything and suddenly all problems…

Don’t get me wrong but it seems you broke the template. Pretty sure it’d be fine if you just re-install it.

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