I just bought 3-4 project and lastly i fool by envato

Recently i bought buzzy project for trending topic sharing from codecanyon. And also i bought list importers from but when i checked it…it is nothing like that…there is only two options like import from boredpanda.com or likes.com…where you can’t import from boredpanda unless it is open and for likes.com where i try to look but that website hasn’t anything like list.it is premium image sharing website.

And i comment about his fault but codecanyon deleted it.(codecanyon don’t support customer based on this).i just lost my almost 30-40$ useless. I don’t know why envato don’t take action on them.

Looks like the author is first and foremost responsible for contents of your purchase, so I`d suggest you discuss all these details with the author?

Thanx so much for your reply.now its feel like someone heard me.i already tried but he don’t willing to answer me.

Hey, maybe author is in a different time zone and he is sleeping or he is not able to respond you immediately. You should wait a bit :slight_smile:

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