I just became a paying member for unlimited download, but still have to pay per song...

Hi There! I just became a member and pay 16,50 per month… But now, when i want to download a audiotrack from Audiojungle i still have to pay for it… Am i doing something wrong?


you can’t download anything you want from AudioJungle, you paid for Elements so you have to use that page & select your music from that library!
Elements is also Envato product but is different than AudioJungle. Elements is subscription based, AudioJungle is another thing.
BTW here you can reach the Forum for Elements:

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Elements is separate than Envato Market (as like themeforest, codecanyon, graphicriver, videohive, audiojungle, photodune ) and not all the items on Envato Market are available on Elements. Here’s the current list of All available Items in Elements, just use search functionality at top to find any specific Item. If you like, you can certainly purchase the Item license individually from Envato Market which will come with 6 months of Author support.


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