I hit 100 Sales!

I know it’s a relatively small achievement on here, but I’m so excited to have hit 100 sales today! I discovered AudioJungle about a year ago, and I’ve only posted occasionally. I’m making it a goal in 2016 to post one song a week, and hopefully turn my portfolio into a respectable side income!

2 songs down for the new year, 51 to go!



You’ve got Tripe digits now!. :yum:
All the Best…

AMK Motion

Congrats, Dimarzo! That’s an awesome achievement. Keep going! :wink:

Congrats to you. I remember when I got 100 sales I was super excited like you. Keep it up!! :wink:

Congrats :wink: let’s go to 1000 sales :smiley:

god job, well done , congrats and good luck for the next step :slight_smile:

That’s great, super cool. It’s wonderful to see such a supportive group of artists.