I have uploaded a PSD item, it requires re-submission. Accidentally the PSD files are deleted from my PC, how can I download it from my Envato account? Please help.

Hi there,

I have a PSD item uploaded and the item is now listed for re-submission. There were some errors in the item description, I fixed it but accidentally the PSD file got deleted. Now I want to restore my uploaded PSD file on my envato account. How can I do it? Please help.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @initializetechnologi:

I think that you can support ticket open for they can help you, thank you so much, regards.

Thank you for your response. I will do it.

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There are some softwares such as AFR helps you to recovery the files

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If the item was just being reviewed then it’s probably fine but if it was previously approved and for sale and then you deleted it to make updates then you are going to have issues resubmitting it and will probably need to talk to support to get help

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That means I can’t download the uploaded files from the Envato server?

@charlie4282 misunderstood your problem. He thinks that you have deleted the item from Envato, not from your computer :slight_smile: