I have submitted this but don't know will it Rejected or Accpeted ?


I am Himanshu.

I have noticed that you are quite helpful to members in Envato Forums which is why I am approaching you related to my design - https://drops.meetanshi.com/cZIFgC

It would be helpful if you could give your suggestions in this design so that I could successfully re-submit it in Envato.

It has been failing the approval and hence need your help.

Looking forward for your opinion.


@n2n44 , Your Reply is helping everyone a lot ! please provide your inputs for this ! thanks

With all due respect but that is very far from the required quality. You are nowhere near ready to submit anything on Envato. You need to study and practice much, much more before your next attempt.
You can start here:

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hi Himanshu
well this is too raw globally at this stage , in the first place … i am not sure what is the size of font that u have used but as for i understand , u did not accordingly to your target indeed … u are supposed to address people not too old and not too young and lettered people in a general way as this is supposed to be meant for IT things as for i understand , so the size must depend on all this data … normally the right one for u is thus size 10. U have to understand that this is not a small deal as not only the usability will depend on this but the aesthetic par as well … the fact of the matter is that putting text too massive like this is making your design lacking refinement … this looks too raw.

Then, the second thing that i would lie to stress is that the market is not the same as it used to be , u cannot address people in a general way anymore as i used to be years ago … u need to point at a target once again. U seem to ave chosen a IT one and unfortunately i do not see anything making reference to the activity in what u have this far …

there are also flagging and alignment issues, u need to bring something to the table that is homogenous and making sense indeed …

i think that this is not really a good idea to have the lines underlining the category for the right part of the cv … this is kind of different type of content and these lines rather introduce misbalance to the table rather than any other thing, making people a bit feel like u have alignement issues in a way …

for the small icons in front of categories are too repetitive as well , not to mention that they re too dense, we cannot really identify what they are supposed to stand for and so on …