I have submitted several calendar. All are hard rejected

I am new at Graphics River . I have submitted one by one wall calendar . All are hard rejected. I can not find out the reason .
Can anyone help me to figure out the problem

You calendars style is outdated. Looks like back in 1995 - 1999.
Check this for inspiration

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hi there are more things to improve than things to keep for sure lol sorry to say just this but this is how i honestly feel indeed

1- global lack of graphic design
this is not the worst one that i have seen about it , though , despite a real try to have some originality touches, this is still flat graphic design wise

2- global organization / lack of balance
this is globally crammed, lacking white spaces and breathing , plus this is too dense in the lower part compared with the upper one indeed

3- color combinations
they must be improved , think about complementary colors

4- shadows
they are too strong, u should soften them so that this is more harmonious

5- contrast
colors in dates must differ more to give more impact to varying dates indeed but in the meanwhile they must keep harmonious with the rest …

6- logo positioning
definitely not the place the logo should be have u heard about z-shape reading and impact zones?