I have some problem with Dj Classifieds


I m italian and want to translate dj classifieds theme but I can not translate the section relating to the currency , the part relating to the search do not know where to go to translate it into Italian. Look the screen.

. Thank you



It seems that you did not install Italian language pack for dj-classifieds extension.
If you have valid license you may download the Italian pack on the providers site https://dj-extensions.com/dj-classifieds

I also suggest contacting support in case any questions, they will be happy to help.



i have a regular license. when I insert the translation even if I delete the cache from bo it does not appear and those modules remain in English. How can I do? This site should be online in a few days but it gives me some problems . Changing day in " giorni " , insert the option of paying directly from the site with paypal . Does not work. also paid support ?



Here is the info about support rules https://d1a6a9r46cnyll.cloudfront.net/6514d146a45312a0132d341340318f711c403725/687474703a2f2f6a6f6f6d6c612d6d6f6e737465722e636f6d2f7468656d65666f726573742f737570706f72742e6a7067
This info is placed at the bottom of the page of each template description, find your template here http://themeforest.net/user/joomla-monster/portfolio

If you want to have the problem checked you need to provide you site url and more details to let us see the problem. It’s hard to help without specific details.
Also make sure that you have all extensions updated to latest versions.