I have questions about the difference between Envato elements and marketplace, before I purchase a song!

I’m looking to buy a song for an edit at work, which has made me decide to purchase the unlimited downloads but im not sure if…after I purchase the elements membership, can I then go find the song I bookmarked in the marketplace???

or is that “Not” how this membership works??

Thanks in advance

Hi! Theoretically, you can (if you try to find). But on the Elements, only a small part of the music is available compared to the main Envato market (AudioJungle).
That is, when you buy a subscription, you can download items that are available only on Elements.


Hi @1212Productions!

It’s probably a good idea that you check if the track you’re looking for is available on Elements or not. As @CleanMagicAudio stated, most of Envato’s music tracks are only available on the markets so it’s worth browsing a little before you make a move.

Also, keep in mind that you can not use any of the music downloaded from Elements in Broadcasted contents (TV, Radio) or apps with more than 10,000 copies. You can read further here, point 17.

Hope it helps! Have a great day! :slight_smile:

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