I have purchased wrong product

I was looking for a template for a hotel travel agency website. After some time I choose a template, And I order it. But after a while, I realized that I had ordered the wrong template. I have not downloaded the ordered template yet. how can I solve this issue?

Wrong Product: Star Travel - Travel, Tour, Hotel Booking & Admin Dashboard HTML5 Template by kiswa-solutions

I want this product: Trizen - Travel Hotel Booking HTML5 Template with Dashboard by TechyDevs

Don’t download it and contact support

Envato Market Help and Support

Thankyou charlie4282 for your reply, I have already mailed http://enva.to/Help about this matter.

Envato hasn’t any reply yet. please help me.


Patience my friend - support may be busy

From what I understand the item you bought is from one author, the item you actually wanted is from another author.

You could request a refund from the original author. As @charlie4282 has already clearly stated DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE ITEM otherwise it might complicate matters.

Support may take a few more days so don’t panic :slight_smile:

Ok friend ,Thankyou

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