I have purchased Be Theme with bundle of plugins but all Plugins Require Key.

recently I have purchased a theme for my wordpress website. During purchase of this theme (Be Theme) bundle of plugins “Slider Revolution, WP Bakery and Contact Form” are included but now all plugins required purchase key.

Please give me solution.

You can’t activate bundled plugins for auto updates etc but they will still work as needed regardless https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/213762463-Bundled-Plugins

As/when there is a plugin update the theme author will update the package

This is cheat. “Included” means that he should have complete authority over him. If we want to work without registration, then we can also download Direct from the Internet and use it, Why do we need to buy from your platform?

You do have authority over it - just not auto updates etc. plus this process is licensed and following through the theme authors you will get the updated versions legitimately etc.

Downloading it from other warez websites would be:

  • illegal
  • could well end up containing malware or broken elements
  • it will not contain any of the bespoke features, shortcodes, or functionality that the author will have added
  • you will not be able to register it so you still won’t get the auto updates (as is the case now)
  • that way you also will not get the proper updates when they become available as you currently will do
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