I have Problems understanding the Licence of purchased Items

Hi there,
I have a question concerning the Regular License I have, after I bought an Item on your Page.
Maybe my English is not good enough, so although there is plenty of Information on
your Page, I have to ask you, because I don’t want to get in any trouble…
I am a Freelance Photographer in Germany.
My Goal is to create an Online Video Course, which I will sell to potential customers.
The Video Course has 15 Chapters.
Each Chapter begins and ends with the Item I bought on your Page.
It’s called “Photographers Logo” from Prospekt_PL

I honestly don’t understand what I am allowed to do or not…
On one hand, you write:

“You are licensed to use the Item to create one single End Product for yourself or for one client (a “single application”), and the End Product can be distributed for Free.
You can’t Sell the End Product, except to one client. (If you or your client want to Sell the End Product, you will need the Extended License.)”

Here I understand, that I am NOT allowed to use the purchased Item in my Video Course with the Regular License, because I WANT TO SELL the Video Course to potential customers.

On the other hand, you write:

“Note to freelancers and creative agencies:
You may charge your client for your services to create an end product, even under the Regular License. But you can’t use one of our Standard Licenses on multiple clients or jobs.”

Here I understand, that I can use the purchased Item in my Video Course with the Regular License, even that I plan TO SELL the Video Course.

The second question I have:

What is “one single End Product”?

I want to create 1 Video Course with 15 Chapters. Meaning I have a total of 15 Video Chapters, but I will sell them all together as 1 Course.
Do I need 15 Licences because I will use the purchased Item in each one of them, or do I just need 1 License, because the 15 Video Chapters together
make 1 Video Course??

Would be great if you could explain it, as if you would to a child… :wink:

Thank you

You will need “Extended Licence” to sell the end-product. If you’re using “Standard License”, you are not allowed to sell the end-product which is the video that you’re offering to your buyers.

End-product is the video that you create. If you have one video only, you can just get one extended license to be sold on your website.

Hi ki-themes,
one Chapter (15 in Total) cannot be bought individually, therefor it is no “end Product”.
The End Product is the whole Video Course. It’s a series with 15 parts and only 1 extended Licence is needed. Just talked to a Lawyer.

While that sounds right - if in any doubt the best option is to ask Envato Market Help and Support

Videohive license can be found at this link and apart from the marketplace and other items, video license comes with two parts : single use or multi use.

You will need “multi use” license ( referring to “Extended” ) .You can check the details again from the link above.