I have Problem with support


A few days ago I bought a template, but I have a problem with editing size a photos. I contacted the author via the form on the page, but I did not receive an answer. I would like to know can I contact the author in a different way ?

Hello @lanter

You can contact author using above link.

If they not help you can Please open a Help ticket They will be happy to help.


Thank you for @CocoBasic and @anon76595093 for reply.

I added question via the contact form on the webpage

What is the maximum time to answer from the author ?

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Hello @lanter

Maximum time is 1 working day, It may because of different time zone, You can check documentation if author added in package

Thanks :slight_smile:

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one day of work has passed, I will wait a few more hours and retry the question.

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we (authors) have option like “item support vacations” in our dashboards (where we chooe time period of our absence) - check maybe author is on vacations ??

@lanter, the maximum reply time is usually shown in the Item Comments section at the top, it can be up to 7 days, in any case, if the author fails to reply to your messages, you are fully entitled to a refund as for the first 6 months after purchasing you get a support period that can be extended afterwards.

If you don’t get a reply in the time mentioned on the author page, or if one isn’t mentioned and you haven’t gotten a reply in 24-48 hours you can open a Refund Request here. If the author rejects it you can simply dispute it with Envato which will overturn it in your favor, as support is required in the first 6 months, no questions asked.


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I think that he is not on vacations.

I will wait a few more hours if I do not ask for a refund, because I have to change the size of the photos because they are too big in the template.

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