I have problem with my elementor envato element plugin

I am using elementor to create a website but with this, I am using the Envato element for pre-designed elementor pages but the problem is when I put or import the design and implement it on the page the top menu bar is disappeared again and again kindly help me.

You have no buyer badge on this profile. Where did you get the theme?


I am not sure but I think it is because you are creating new design. when you create or import new design then header going to unset and you have to setup the header for the new design.


If the default blocks being used have a different style/layout to the theme being used then this could cause this problem.

With no buyer badge - either the theme is not from here, or it’s from elements in which case there is no author support, so you may be best recruiting freelance help from www.studio.envato.com

I have Envato elements membership

But How to create new header for new design there is already a header is setup.

the problem is only with Envato elements pulugin for elementor that provide pre build designs…design in the elementor plugin defualt desiugn are working properly

Envato elements nto come with author support. So, if you need author support you have to purchase item/plugin from envato market from the plugin author. Thanks

Envato Elements WordPress plugin is only availble in enavto elements not in other markets…that is totally freee i i need help to sove my isssue

Unfortunately this is a general forum.

If there is a conflict with the theme and plugin then you may need to hire help as per @mgscoder comment or look for a full copy of the theme on themeforest

but tell me how to add Manu bar on the top of the page.

I am also facing same problem, With Envato element plugin