I have paid, but my order is not generated....

My paypal transaction id is 0J682722KF0014405
Please check and provide me the link to download the theme I purchased (which still stays in my shopping cart)

One of the worst company’s I have dealt with for customer support. They have taken my money, and when I went to paypal to claim the money back they then started to answer my emails!! Then they proceed to tell me they would refund me but I had to STOP the paypal dispute so my account could be accessed. So I stopped it and they then said sorry but we are not going to refund you now ! but here have some store credit ! WHY WOULD I WANT CREDIT WITH YOU!!! I have now taken this up with my bank and I will look to tell every online portal and forum of there dishonest and sneaky practice !! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED PEPOLE


If your payment is processed correctly you will find your items that you can download over here ( http://themeforest.net/downloads ). I will suggest to contact Envato for any payment related questions by creating a support ticket over here ( http://support.envato.com ).

Hope this will help you out :slight_smile: