I have multiple licenses of a theme...how do I distinguish?

I have two licenses of Enfold in my account.

How do I determine which license is being used by which website? Also, I might purchase a third license and I want to know how I assign the new one to a specific website.

You could contact the item author to determine which license is for which website and you can get the personal notes for the future installations.

Can I contact the Enfold author(s) through my Envato account? If so, how?

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:

Re-opening this topic: After accessing the Kriesi support forum (they are the authors you referred to in your reply)…they said…

Tokens – created on the Envato/Themeforest platform to provide their servers with proof that you should have access to updates.

I literally SAW the token creator at the Kriesi website…but you can let me know if what they say is true. My goal is to have TWO tokens – one for each of my TWO Enfold licenses and to know which website is connected to which license. My secondary goal is to purchase two more licenses and assign them to two other websites – but I’m starting to think Enfold licenses and tokens are too complicated.

Can you help?

At this time, it looks like Enfold doesn’t associate licenses with domain names. You just need to make sure you have the same number of licenses as you do websites to be in compliance.

The key evidence of this is that theme activation only asks for an Envato personal token, like their support described. Tokens on their own don’t really provide enough information to associate licenses to domains, they’re great for automatic updates though.

What you saw on their website might have been a link to Envato’s website for creating a token, since the process can be a little confusing without one.

This is an example of where it would be really cool if Envato allowed us to leave private “notes” on our purchases so we could stay organized on our own.

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Ok. So if I understand you correctly…I can use the same personal token on all the websites, as long as I have a valid license for each site. In which case, tracking which license goes with which website is a non-issue. Correct?

I have the same token on two websites (and I have 2 licenses)…and I get the green checkmark (all ok) when I verify the token on each site. I assume that proves the above point, eh? So if I add a third license, I could put the same token on a third site?

Quick question: one of my sites was setup using an Enfold child theme. I’m not really sure what that means and if I should keep it that way or not. Can you comment on that?

Oh, and you were correct about Kriesi’s site linking to Envato’s site for the token creation. I didn’t see that before.

Yes, that’s correct. You can safely use the same token for all of your websites.

This is because tokens are actually assigned to your account as a whole, rather than any individual licenses, so they all see the same exact data.

Yes, exactly. :+1:

You can keep it that way, there’s not really any disadvantage in doing so. It doesn’t change anything for you as the site admin – you can still receive updates and customize the website in the same manner as usual.

Child themes allow developers to safely change the programming for specific features within the theme, without affecting the rest. It’s the preferred way to change a theme to fit your needs, because it won’t interfere with future updates.

But if you didn’t customize the theme (say, you used the child theme by accident), then it’s no different than using the parent theme directly.

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Perfect. Thank you.