I have fallen into trouble

I bought this day and found a problem that it does not work and I saw the method of installation, but there is a defect in the design I tried to communicate with the designer, but do not answer the final What do I do my money so without the benefit of them or what to do with this person who does not respond to and does not want to Help me fix the problem: https://codecanyon.net/item/facebook-viral-for-fb-pages-tabs/5125922


Please check you have correct database connection. From screenshots seems to me the script database connection issues. Please fix database connection and hope all will be done. Please check the Item documentation hopefully you will get necessary support.


I swear to you that everything is fine but the flaw in the design I have seen the document more than 50 times and I have taken the steps but there is a defect in the design I send it to you and help me to solve the problem because support design does not answer one

I have seen you have posted only 1 comments. Please post comments with mention issues you are facing. Or please go to Item page then support tab and click ‘Contact Auhtor’ and write them details then post a comments that you have sent them email through Support tab contact. Requset them to reply you soon you need argent help. Thanks

I really communicate with him from yesterday and do not respond. There is no response like you Do you understand me Do not provide technical support This person I think he is a fraudster This person