I have disappeared! Holy Guacamole!

Tell me, does uploading regularly really keep visitors coming to your page? I have zero views this month. :frowning:

I think it does. I have been regularly uploading for the last few weeks and I have noticed a significant increase in sales on my older items. Of course it’s a bit annoying seeing new sales come in only to find that they’re not on your latest items, but hey, a sale is a sale :smiley:

Thanks, AurusAudio. I had a little more pep in my step early on, uploaded regularly. I had a featured piece last summer that must have just fallen off the end of the featured list, because i have seriously disappeared. I’ve made enough to buy a few nice sound libraries, and that’s cool…but dang.

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Yes, I remember your feature - fantastic track. I always wondered if Envato took notice of your portfolio after I promoted you in that thread some time back :wink:

My advice would be to keep uploading more great stuff and make sure to use short, descriptive titles (preferably 1-3 words).

The search engine and I aren’t the best of friends at the moment. Many new tracks are getting buried before they even get a chance to sell due to heavy bias towards top sellers. It’s certainly making things a bit difficult for authors to sell new items, but hopefully they’ll keep tweaking the system to improve it.

Yeah, thanks AurusAudio! I got on board after a friend showed me he was making a decent monthly “bonus” income. I feel like it’s nearly impossible be seen. It’s certainly way awesome if you are a top author, then it just keeps going. I have my own niche off of Audio Jungle, so I shouldn’t complain. It’s just that i started out with such high hopes! :wink: