I have created an account, how does it work ?



I am Ramesh, I am Create a new account, How i am uploaded product, How iit is working.

Please tell me something, i can understand .

Regards :slight_smile:


Hi. Ramesh.

  1. Learn More English.
  2. goto here : http://themeforest.net/become-an-author
  3. browse whole envato market : http://market.envato.com
  4. find which type of works you are going to upload and check the items quality, design
  5. you can see the upload options on the sidebar and also on the user name (user) menu

All the Best


Hello, Muse-Master

Thanks for reply, i am try to best…
here i am upload my all file, after what i an do here…

Regards :slight_smile: