I have bought a file, and its empty!

I have bought a logo and opened the EPS file to be told there is no preview and there is a blank screen?
I have contacted Envato twice now with the files added and nobody is responding, and helping me with my problem.
Can anybody help, am i doing anything wrong?

I have two EPS file openers, so im guessing its not that, and have tried downloading it a couple times, incase there was a problem with the download.

A little disappointed with Envato for taking my money then not getting back to me when i asked for help…

Did you sent an email to the author?

  1. How are you opening the .eps file?
  2. Have you tried contacting the author?
  3. Envato support receives a lot of requests each day, rest assured they will get to yours soon.
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surely its down to Envato as they sent me the download?

no i didnt…

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1.with an EPS file opener

  1. No surely its down to Envato, as they sent me the download?

  2. Fingers crossed! I want it for a company logo and need to get things
    printed up!! :slight_smile:

Try opening with Latest Adobe Illustrator, Coreldraw or any other vector supporting software.

Envato provides you the download, but it is automated. The author of the item you bought is the one who uploads the files. You should always contact the author before you contact Envato. An author can take an hour to respond, while Envato can take 7-14 days.

Will do! Thank you

are there any free vector supporting software i can download, i only want
the logo for my company and the two i have downloaded wont open it?
I already have fastone image viewer and EPS viewer…

Those tools sound like they could be the issue.

You can get a free trial of Adobe illustrator off their website which is a better option.

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I do agree with @charlie4282, Adobe Illustrator is a better software to make a design (especially for vector file). Our team us this tools to create a lovely design, logo, action etc. @techiehut is true, we have different time zone. Therefore, you have to be patient in waiting the email replay either from author or Envato team. Good luck @Regalinteriors

Adobe illustrator says it can’t find it or something… the author hasn’t
got back to me, hopefully they will today fingers crossed

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