I have been rejected 2nd time due to quality standards

Please give feedback to my design and how can I improve it. Thankyou It will be appreciating help

I see it wonderful

Then why is it rejected? :frowning:

Don’t count :slight_smile: leads nowhere. Instead, see what you wanted to achieve here, because me for instance, looking at this pic, have no idea what’s going on :slight_smile: and what is it for. And that is the main reason why it should be on the market, the usability.

Mmmm Appreciating…

hi if u ask me the thing was rejected for a global style and harmony issue indeed … yes low poly are rather popular indeed the illustration style (face of the wolf) looks a bit retro style and u have a rather grunge background , as for me, i see an incompatibility actually … i tend to believe that what they expect right now is also sort of signature in people’s style , something that makes the author unique and honestly for me this is a bit lacking here … i guess that if u manage to introduce “your touch” a bit originality and and modernity in what u have done , u will increased your potentiality to have the item accepted …