I have been having issue activating betheme

I have successfully installed my theme but I couldn’t access the theme because it’s says I should input Item Purchase Code. I tried that repeatedly but it keeps giving error report


Here is your purchase key



you have to check those things with your hosting support. provide them the screenshots and request them to set all of them with necessary values.


Good Morning! I have chatted with my host support team and I got a response from them saying the theme must have contain some files which are restricted on the host service

Please what is going on with the theme which makes it restricted by my host service provider? I can’t pay that kind of money not to get value for the money.

Kindly await your response

The restriction is imposed by the host not the theme.

My guess is that you are using cheap and shared hosting rather than premium or deviated environments?

Usually the hosting company can extend the things that need to be increased fairly easily

agree with @charlie4282 your hosting are responsible for those settings. tell them to increase those values and have to give permission to ZipArchive and necessary tools. if your hosting is a cheap shared hosting then you should to change to a upgrade more premium package. Thanks