I have asked this question before but still want to ask it again.

Previously, I asked this question and I got many answers. Here is the link- I am not getting half of selling price. What I supposed to do?

Now I again want to ask that why I am getting half of my selling price. Previously I have “support system” remain opened because I thought this will make people easy to contact me if they need. Then I realize that evanto support systems takes huge cut from my earning even when its just a simple text. You even can’t share images out there.

So I stopped it but still I am only getting half of my selling price. I really have no idea why they are charging so much.

Evanto shares there earning every month and thats huge. But why dont care about us. If you take half of earning then obviously you goona earn that number but what about us? Most of author dont earn enough from your site and what they earn have pay you half of it.

My question is still same why I am getting half of my selling price and how can Increase my earning?

Here is the latest sale.My product is only of $20 and I am getting $10 only.


They provide a service, and lots of traffic, for which they need to be compensated. Some sites take more, some sites take less, but Envato feel that the amount they are taking is about right for their value proposition. You can increase the percentage you get by selling multiples of $3,750 as every time you do, your commission will increase by approximately 1%, give or take. Aside from that, the best way to earn more is just to make more items and make better items.

And keep in mind that a non-supported item is very likely to be considerably less attractive than a supported item. Also… although it means more work, you’ll get 70% of any extended support sales, so that’s an additional opportunity for increased revenue.