I have an important question

I faced a strange thing this week in themeforest. Generally i am a html template maker , but by mistake i uploaded one of my item in cms cetegory and it got approved ! How was that possible ? is this two cetegory same ? So can i upload my same template to html and cms cetegory ?

@charlie4282 can you please help me sir ?

Item’s link pls?

There are no items in your portfolio under CMS?

Well i deleted that item from cms cetegory and uploaded again in html cetegory.
this was the theme link - http://tamzidhossain.info/html/cott-online/ @charlie4282 @mixturethemes

no. there are no items in this cetegory . I did not get my answer actually sir, can i upload the html theme in cms cetegory ? @charlie4282

No, you will not be able to upload the html theme in cms category, maybe that was a mistake. :wink: