I have an idea!

Hey mastermind bros!
Don’t you all love to see where your work is going?
I would suggest to envato to add the option (optional*)
the email/website of the company/buyer
So we can contact them or see their website and our work on their projects.
I love when I see my tracks on other videos!

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I’m not sure about that. I like it from an author point of view, but looking at it from a buyers point of view… what if somebody is making a photo montage and they buy 200 small images from Photodune. Over the following week they get 200 different emails from 200 different authors?

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Aside from obvious privacy laws, given that authors are not allowed to directly contact the buyer in dispute of questionable reviews and ratings I imagine this would face the same problems causing that.


Yeah, I agree with you, that’s why I mentioned for it to be optional.
Website or email.
If you even want to comment something you need an id.
Than why not (still I mean optional) an email or web?!

hi, this is cool for authors for sure because u can get to see how u were is used but for the exact same reason also, it maybe not not cool either lol some works are being much altered and sometimes end up pretty flat or poor … people try to personify items in their tastes sometimes, so sometimes the item 's very different … . pus they are all right envato doesn’t allow u to do contact anyone, they are afraid that both u and buyer have a business and that they are not part of the deal and thus get no money …

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