I have an Envato Elements account at $19/mo but I'm being asked to pay for an action

I pay $19/mo for an Envato Elements account. I’ve been a little dissatisfied because I’m having a hard time finding more than a few options when I search for certain things. Recently I was searching for a basic photo frame/shadow action. I found exactly what I wanted by someone in the GraphicRiver section. But, instead of letting me download it, I am being asked to pay $4. This isn’t a lot but I would like to know why this isn’t included (doesn’t even show in basic searches) with my Envato Elements membership.

Can anyone explain this to me?

It is for items on www.elements.envato.com NOT the main marketplaces like Gaphiciver.

Some items are avaialble on both Elements and the main marketpaces, and some are exclusive.

Other differences include:

  • Not the same level of support

  • No access to lifetime updates

  • You cannot stockpile i.e. download lots of items for us after you unsubscribe. You have to be actively subscribed when completing a project using a download

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Thank you for the prompt response. I assumed my monthly membership gave me access to all things Envato. Is there a membership like that – where I can download anything on Envato?

Unfortunately not - the proposition is not the same e.g. different support, different access to updates, etc.

This difference has to exist otherwise there would be no value in having the main marketpalces and it would fundamentally alter the opportunity for both buyers and authors.

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Hi, thanks for that information. I went ahead and purchased what I needed but I cannot get it to work. I wrote to the person who sold the action but she hasn’t responded to a message in like 7 years. So I am not expecting much support. Is there any way I can get support from someone else? I am guessing my issue is operator error but I cannot figure out how to fix the issues. Thank you!

What is the item link?

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Given that the action has not been updated in over 7 years, I suspect that there will be a compatibility issue with more modern software versions.

It may be better to see if you can get a refund and look for an alternative.

If you have the subscription then there are numerous shadow actions there 132 Image Shadows Actions and Presets - Envato Elements

Thank you for that information. I will watch for that from now on. I don’t know how to ask for a refund. Is there a link for that? Also, I will look at your link to shadows. I appreciate your help in the middle of the night (at least for me it is)!

Can I get a refund

Link at the bottom of this page

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