I have a valid License for Mailster but Plugin gives a notice that it's not

This is ridiculous. I have a valid License for Mailster. The license is validated and the plugin is showing that it’s a verified license with a checkmark but at the top of the Dashboard appears this:

Then, if I want to contact their support to tell them that the plugin is reporting an invalid license (that their website has validated), I can’t contact them because I don’t have any more support available. I go to Contact Us and they do not let me contact them. Can anybody tell what I should do?

Does it still work fine? If so, not ideal, but you can probably just ignore it. If not, best to try contacting them via the contact form on their profile page or the comments section of the item.

Dear Support, I have made mistakes and used an email which was not a registered email. When I was trying to validate my license, I got the error below:

Your purchase code is already in use and can only be used for one site.

I really appreciate your assistance in this matter