I have a Suggestion for Envato

I think Envato should change their policy toward new authors relevant their entry in envato market place. Envato can control their work burden by deciding some entry rules like any skill test or apply any subscription charges. In this way just professional authors will be the part of this quality market and the response time of item review will be decreased.

Hi - that simply just sounds like you are really and truly pi$$$ed about the wait time, like the rest of us, and want to get rid of new comers! It would be good for us - but please don’t forget we were “new author” ones and became “professional author” through loads of submission/rejection/forums and what not, and to solve our own problems, we shouldn’t really be depriving the new authors of opportunity that made us professional authors,

I think it would be much better if they hire more professionals to make the review process fast.