I have a request ticket

I have sent an issue to to support center. But it was not solved yet. My request Number is 610179. I don’t think it is right to repeat the question here again. Can someone check that request (610179).

Or I can share my problem here?

It depends what the issue was but support staff are rarely in these forums.

How long ago did you submit the ticket?

More than 24 hours ago I have submitted it.

Issue is: Reviewing Item getting some error
Screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/HwwvI
Please check the section "Currently Processing uploads"
Problem: Right under the title of the item, there is an error message.

Do you have any suggestion please?

Unfortunately only support can check this for you.

It can take a few days especially over weekends, depending on the level of tickets at any time, but they will help as quickly as they can.

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I will wait few days more :slight_smile: let see how soon I get this things solved. Thank you for your response.