I have a question regarding submitting themes




Regarding submitting themes in themeforest for selling…in what way or format should we submit our themes or templates to sell them multiple times…as I am seeing multiple copies of themes or templates being sold out …please help me in this regard and require guidance who are already selling …


What do you mean ‘Sold out’? Have you got an example of that as I can’t see how that would be possible.

Also read this and this.


When you have understood the concept , why do you search for whether the question was asked correctly or not …might be the ques is small or irrelevant or some thing else …I had a confusion and asked , now there is nothing more than this…


all I did was ask for clarity as I have never seen a file listed as ‘Sold out’ here and so I could understand the issue better to try and help


Oh god, do you think “sold out” is a file that I have mentioned…I have asked how sales of multiple copies …is possible ofcourse the ques was asked in other way …


I guess you are talking about same designs selling under various categories (e.g. WordPress, Joomla, etc.), but same as @charlie4282, I don’t understand your question at all. What exactly you want to know?