I have a question help me pls

I want to buy University theme v2 but I’m not sure if it will work on my web page with learndash plugin and woocommerce, Does my purchase have a return guarantee or satisfaction?. I don’t want to lose my money.

I have another question, Does the unlimited subscription (US16.50) include themes for wordpress like University theme v2?, Do I lose downloads and themes at the end of the subscription?

I’m new here, thanks.

Will it work with LearnDash - you need to ask the author using item comments. If it is built for something like LearnPress then transitioning can be complicated.

Guarantees - only if the theme is faulty. It is buyers’ responsibility to aks the right questions before purchase

Subscription - only themes on www.elements.envato.com are included. there is no theme called “University theme v2” and without knowing the theme it’s impossible to check.

Subscription - you do not lose themes when unsubscribing but there are no updates/support as there are with purchases from Themeforest, and you have to be subscribed when completing the project so you could not unsubscribe then add more courses.