I have a question about this theme

HI, I have a question about this theme setting.

I imported demo site, but the the popular listing position is different from demo site

Current style

Demo site

I want to show the popular listing like the demo site.
Could you let me know how to set it?
I have manual for this theme, but i could not find about it.


go to that theme support page or comments page and ask your query directly to the theme author. theme author will answer your query.


Thank you for your reply.
I downloaded with evato element plan, but can I get support for this author?
I did not buy this theme directly from this author.

sorry! to say no, you can’t get author support for elements items. envato elements items not come with author support.

If you like, you can certainly purchase the Item license from Envato Market which will come with 6 months of Author support.