I have a question about Javascript products.

We have a javascript product, when we put it on sale, when we prepare a demo, the user will already have access to these js files, and if we tell you how to use them, they can easily use them. What should we do in this situation, and what way do you follow? Is there a way to encrypt HTML?

Or is it possible to present the demo with visuals and not upload the real js files to the demo and give it in the main zip file for the purchasers?

It depends on what the item is but you could use a video

Encrypting is not allowed and even then is only so protective if someone really wants to take it

Hi @BeycanPress,

for demo preview you can use html minifier, js minifier to present the demo to customer (keep a note sometimes minifier not work as expected).

but as @charlie4282 mentioned in the main download purchased zip all code should be well coded and understandable mean need to include the full original source code.