I have a PHP 5 web application - is that Ok to sell (no current PHP7 version)?

The application I have built is for bulk email. It is compatible with all PHP5 versions, but not PHP7.

Upgrading the project to PHP7 would be a big job, maybe for the future.

The application can run on any server with PHP 5 available. Would it be Ok to sell for PHP5 only? This would require users with main site running a PHP 7 application to load the app to a subdomain running PHP5 and MySQL 5+.


Now a days almost all famous webhosting server running on php7. So, you should to make your application php7 compatible and all items should go with the most latest technology. you can make your application both php5 and php7 compatible.

There is a very possibility without php7 compatible any item will get rejected on envato market.


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That’s interesting – PHP 7 is backwards compatible with PHP 5 code, unless you’re using features that were deprecated in PHP 5. Which is another reason for rejection. :stuck_out_tongue:

What features are preventing you from supporting PHP 7 users?

Thanks for the advice.

The project is developed in CodeCharge for PHP 5. Some of the code is deprecated and causes errors. http://forums.yessoftware.com/posts.php?post_id=125467

There is a conversion tool available which I have not tried. PHP command line script referred to here: http://forums.yessoftware.com/posts.php?post_id=125682

Have never run anything from a command line before, so might have to rebuild for PHP 7

Is there an easy way or app to run command line scripts easily?

@djgjohn I understand that you have a probably nice working app and that you would like to make some money from it. But why would users buy something that you are not able to maintain or update? How about support?

CodeCharge is not something that you can expect a customer to be familiar with, which means that you would have to provide full support for customization. Otherwise, people will end up requesting a refund soon after buying.

Thanks Honeyside, I get it.

Working on rebuilding for PHP7.2+

Will offer both versions.

Does one job regarding bulk email which is fairly straight forward. Is an app built with CodeCharge. Should not require customization outside what you can already customize within the app itself as a user. Features could be added according to requests. Will use php auto updater script from this site.

You can fix PHP errors in localhost to make compatible with PHP 7.x. But, I think, you can sell PHP 5 version, too. Because, there’s a selection field for it in the upload form.

Well thank you very much AthenaStudio - a great positive.