I have a little big problem and need some help

Dear theme authors!
I have asked in many places, and no one could help, although this should be possible.

How can I show the same reviews under all products?

I am working on a (wordpress+ woocommerce) shop where every single jacket has a unique pattern, so every product is different and for every product I just have one piece.

Still, I would like to have reviews under my products.

It should work so that if I put in a new product, it will automatically have all the
reviews like all the other products?

Any hint is greatly appreciated!
Thank you.

Someone in another forum said:

Reviews are comments. After saving a comment action_hook wp_insert_comment starts.
You could use this to post the same comment under all products. To select all products you would need something that all products have in common.

How would I do this practically, any tips or steps? What would would I need to learn/read?

Thanks for any hints.