I have a Home Page. But why when I click to EDIT it via Elementor, there is nothing!

I have a Home Page that I slowly learned how to change photo’s and a bit of text. Nothing major as I am a NEWBIE. My problem is that when I go to ‘Pages’, and as I want to deal with stuff on my Home Page, I naturally look for Home Page, and in my case it is done via Elentor. So I click on the word ‘EDIT’, and a new blank page pops up as though I am requiring to start developing a totally new fresh Home Page.

Surely when I click on that ‘Edit’ word I should be presented with my Home Page? Or am I confused about something? What other method is there for me to say for example, make text or photo changes? How do I get to that sector whereby I can create text boxes and maybe change text font colors. I am surprised that I cannot get to my existing Home Page via Pages, Then Home Page … nothing?

Thanking you in advance

Check Elementor documentation or contact the item author for theme related issues