I have a few questions that I want to know to sell flyers on GraphicRiver Envato.


I have started selling in graphicriver de envato and I am happy because my first article was approved.

But I have some doubts, I have been making BBQ Flyers and I do not know which images allow to let and which not.

So I want to know if:

1- The main files must not contain any type of image?
2- What images allow to be left in the main file?

I would very much appreciate it!


Anything you create yourself can stay.

Any stock images that you got online, whether you paid for them or got them for free should NOT be included in the file. Instead, you should provide a link (URL) to where the customer can get the images themselves if they want to.

For example, if you found all those food images online, you cannot provide them in your file. UNLESS you have specific licensing permissions to include them in your sold item, which is pretty rare.

lol but this policy makes no sense at all , as they have pretty much no idea of where the photo comes from in any case and the fact of the matter is that some of us take some picture of elements on our own , in addition, if this were really an issue, they should make sure that they never let go anything and that all the people are on an equal footing

hi did this one go through?


I really appreciate your comment, it helps me a lot to understand more what I can leave in the file and what I can’t leave in the main file and the file itself.

Thanks and blessings!

I was wondering the same thing, how can they know where the images used by designers come from?
But it is still their politics.

It’s basic copyright… if someone uses copyright protected images and resells them in a flyer for example, the owner of that copyright may come across it and issue a DMCA, or even sue depending on who it is. You’ve got a Copyright Ninja badge, you should know this.

well what is the point to make people check the box in the submission form , then?! how do anyone knows if the picture has any form or copyright and which one in particular (as some are commons for instance, some usable just by giving a link to the initial author’s profile and so on! not to mention that some people are taking some pictures with their camera and the picture belongs to them in the first place)? and if u wanna gonna with this kind of logics, this is true with ABSOLUTELY ALL KIND OF MATERIAL, not only pictures. Not to mention that there is hypocrisis in all this as we all know that comes a situation as the one u mentioned, who is going to endorse the responsibility? envato?! lol well , let’s dream on …
by the way , if i have a ninja badge this is because i have reported that my flyers had been stolen and put in some pirate websites and i pointed at it. BTW, i had to handle these situations by myself … (just like all other authors do)

sometimes they can indeed, as some guys use pictures of some celebs or use some pictures still with the copyright