I have a error by uploading item

Hi all, i have a problem with uploading scrennshots, the error message is:
There was an error processing your item: Permission denied @ rb_sysopen - /data2/marketplace/shared/files/tmp/831b6a2a-7ab7-4d1d-9161-fe371591745b/01_sc.png

can anyonehelp me?

Try again. If it’s still giving you trouble, open a Help ticket.

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Thank you! after couples of try i have the same problem. I have opened one helper ticket now!

Hi @kein_ding

For uploading scrennshots you have to make a .zip named preview-screenshots.zip (with all screenshots images) and have to upload that zip. have you tried with this way!


Hi thank for this information but it doesn’t work

please wait for support reply. they will review the issues for you. Thanks

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