I have a big and very important request!

Hello everyone! This topic is not about my tracks, feedback and something else. But i ask a moderators dont delete this. This is a very very very iportant for me.
Today i learned that institute where i learned all my skill which i use working here…
SO my institute is shot down very soon… I want to ask All audiojunglers a favour…
Can you vote here this is a VERY VERY important for me.
Anyway if this topic is not belong here…You can delete this of course.

Signed the petition.

In Russia it is common practice closing kindergartens and music schools for rent these premises how a shopping area. It needs to stop. At least in one particular case.

Hopefully, the conservatory will continue to work. Good luck, @_Blacksmith!

And thanks to you man. I hope too. Good luck! @anon10817699

I don’t know what is written there, but I signed :smiley: Our countries lay close :slight_smile: I hope it won’t get shut and I wish you best of luck :slight_smile:

Thanks man :slight_smile: And good luck to you too ! @ALdesigns