I have 2 un-answered questions

Hi I asked a Question that want answered 2 days ago.
There is no way of getting support.

My First Question was Where can I speak to a Human that dosnt take days to respond?

My 2nd Question is - Can I use Visual Composer on WAMP?

hi help center takes time to answer , no matter what the issue and the time is all about , they have many kind of issues to deal with indeed and except if u have a technical issue, u are going to have to wait for a few days …

as for the question u asked , sorry i cannot answer lol but at least u have been speaking to a human lol

Here on the forum, or possibly the Envato support twitter account. Depends on the question.

If it was envato support you tried to contact then their system does say that due to having many tickets come in that it could take up to 5 working days to reply.

All comms are electronic e.g. email, tweets etc. there is not a phone help line

I believe that you can use VC on WAMP but am not 110% sure and you can always ask the author here