I have 2 question need answers please

Hello guys,
First of all, I want to know how I can stop the monthly automatic transfer from graphic river to my PayPal I want to transfer only when I send a request for this.

Second, it’s been like a week I’m not receiving any message to my email from Envato as before they were sending me a message if my design approved or reject or even someone commented on my design something but now nothing at all and I didn’t change my email in settings so can anybody explain whats wrong?

  1. you can’t - if earnings are above a certain threshold then it is an automatic process

  2. they’ve been having issues with emails for a few days. Envato are aware of it and working on a fix

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all is sais by Charlie, well done @charlie4282. As for me , i have never had any problem when it comes to notifications though, maybe they experience problems but not all the time , i assume :slight_smile: