I got Videohive Hard Rejection in second time

Hi !
Everyone,I got 2 times hard reject in my very hard working video.i spent lots of time for creating the video and follow the every rules of video making but i got hard reject unfortunately.
Here is my Video link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aA5r39dKCpc&feature=youtu.be
If i do any mistake please help me.I will be grateful to you.


The concept, animation and design are not working there in my opinion. There are a lot of things to change.
Change the font on “real estate company”, both rectangles, on something brighter and more compact.
The “List” animation is too slow, make it reveal in a row instead of the same time and a bit faster. You need to feel the dynamic and understand the typography. Also make transitions without stoping the movement of the pictures.
Look at that example to understand how it should work in this types of projects.