I got this mail (Your item, Fitness App UI Kit, has been rejected) on my upload.

I have upload my first Application UI Kit, After 3 days i got a mail from GraphicRiver (Your item, Fitness App UI Kit, has been rejected) and in description it was mention (quality standard required) for rejection.
My Concern is : 1 - Is it a hard Reject.
2 - What in quality standard for Approval.

Few screens of my design -

Quality standards are not defined and refer to best practice with things like typography, layout, hierarchy, versatility, unique/modern features/functionality

If the above is all there is to it then there needs to be considerably more as this just appears like alternative layouts for the course tiles. Should consider how to add value eg:

  • course/lesson page
  • alternate home pages
  • contact page
  • goals page
  • user profile
  • news feed
  • need article page

Etc etc etc

you have to create new item with high quality to compete with the exist item in your marketplace (graphicriver). So, you can check exist items to know the market standard. Also if you submit any item with the same features which is very common features in the market then you can get rejected.

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These are only few samples.

yes supposedly so lol though some bad things from the same guys keep being approved over and over again (despite sometimes they are copies of copies of copies) when a whole lot of things do not make it without anybody manages to understand why, nowadays … but in theory what u are saying is true lol


To be honest, that automated email about rejection only confuse people lol…Acceptance of new item has started to be like lottery nowadays lol unless u are Sevenstyles or other big star like him…