I got this email today from an author

Hello, Authors
I got this email today from another author and I was like wondering I think everyone is free to name or write what he wants in his flyer template is it a crime writing what you want in your flyer? I’m wondering :smiley:

I would imagine it is more of a question of if you are using their actual logo rather than just an individual word. Otherwise I can’t see how they are copyrighting it i.e. what they would need to submit DMCA

Your best option is to email support. That way you have an official answer one way or another Envato Authors Help and Support

Thank you Charlie for your comment me too but anyway as we talked to each other I told him that it’s so simple no worries and I’m not going to use the same word of (RENER) again as I know he is reading this now just I wanted to understand because I know it’s not against the policy of Envato to use same word example if I write the main title in my flyer (Midnight Flyer) and you write the same so?

In my opinion this guy already went to Envato, and they told him to talk to you directly.

The only way you could get a DMCA from him on this basis, is, if the guy drew this logo somewhere and has released it, and now you use the same logo (not text). Otherwise you can’t blame him for trying.

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no, I used it one time as a dummy logo but mine was a totally different design than his dummy logo, and after I was just adding this word as a text so customers can easily change and I agree with you that he went first to Envato and then he came to me in a private message via Envato and I’m sure it’s not about the text or the word as charlie mentioned above he just wants to kick me out from Envato which is I hate because my flyers in a short time having good sales I will post all his messages here later with screenshots

Yes, played a game when I was a kid, Pizza Tycoon, and you had booby traps, so that’s a reality too :slight_smile: If you’re not doing anything wrong don’t bother.

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I had to laugh when I read his email. Sorry and your reply was very calm and you did it the right way.
He has no rights over the word and is calling bluff.
Like one time I was told not to use a word “Deise”, which is knickname for “Waterford”, which is a county in Ireland where I grew up. Apparently his company was called “Deise Design” so I called mine “Deise Hosting” and he asked me to remove the word “Deise”. I refused and then I got a letter from his Lawyer. I wrote to his lawyer and asked to see the Copyright and Patent to the word “Deise” and got no reply yet. This was 20+ years ago lol