I got soft rejected for reasons that are NOT mentioned in the guideline

@BenLeong @mgscoder
I got soft rejected for reasons that are NOT mentioned in the guideline,
below is the feedback from the review team:

  1. This is slightly confusing.

The free version is called “partial-cod-payment-gateway-restrictions-fees”

The title of this is Screen Shot on 2022-11-18 at 09-03-02.png - Droplr

Yet the plugin in the download is called pay geo?

Below is the screenshot of the plugin in the WordPress plugins admin area:

And here is the plugin’s admin page:

And finally, here is the free version of the plugin on the wordpress.org repository:

What am I missing here?

Hi @zendcrew,

You can publish lite version of your plugin in wordpress.org but your uploaded one in envato market must have to be a premium one. You can’t upload the same item with same features in both wordpress.org and codecanyon. So, you have to mention (in the Comments for the reviewer when you will upload/resubmit in codecanyon) the features which not included in lite version and what features you have added to make it premium for codecanyon.


Hi @mgscoder,
we are aware of the lite / premium version issue, we did NOT uploaded the same version with the same features on both site.

Now, the issue is that the reviewer is confused about the slug vs plugin’s title,

the free version plugin’s title is Paygeo - WooCommerce Partial COD - Payment Gateway Restrictions & Fees

And the premium version is Paygeo Premium (Add-On)

Now the slug of the plugin on the WordPress repository is partial-cod-payment-gateway-restrictions-fees this is the slug that our marketing team suggests that we use for SEO ranking on the repository.
And finally, the download zip file on codecanyon.net is paygeo-premium-addon

Title the item as Paygeo, not as WooCommerce partial… This is the description, not the item title - and it is the guideline to name your item properly.

What about SEO issue? The market uses slug as part of its SEO ranking system.

Your title is the first thing a potential buyer sees, so it’s important to be informative, concise and professional. Include the most relevant information only; a title made up of vague advertising buzzwords is less effective than one that is clear and descriptive.

Blacklisted Words

These refer to words that are not allowed in item titles and tags. The reason we have this rule in place is to avoid subjective or promotional item titles and also inaccurate and/or inappropriate item tags.

Please note, the following words are not allowed in item title or tags:

  • Premium
  • Pro
  • Any swear words, derogatory or offensive language

Hi @mgscoder,

Thank you for your response, we really appreciate your help.

We are also aware of the blacklisted words so those words were NOT included in title see the screenshot below:

The plugin’s folder name seems to be the issue, see the screenshot sent by the reviewer here:

Screen Shot on 2022-11-18 at 07-42-00

yes, your plugin folder structure and the title [Paygeo Premium (Add-On)] in the wp-admin=>Plugins are confusing when compared to the Item’s main title (WooCommerce Partial COD - Payment Gateway Restrictions & Fees). How did someone come to know Paygeo Premium (Add-On) is the plugin of WooCommerce Partial COD - Payment Gateway Restrictions & Fees? you have to make it clear with the correct naming. The plugin folder name can be ‘woocommerce-partial-cod’ and the plugin file can be woocommerce-partial-cod.php, and make sure the main title will focus on wp-admin=>Plugins.

Hi @mgscoder,
I will update the plugin and upload it in a few hours
Thank you :slight_smile: