I got soft rejected. Envato got access denied. Please Help


some time ago I wanted to submit my Wordpress Theme to Envato.
After some problems regarding the Version Numbers and and active AutoImporter I fixed all the issues but now I got rejected because of this Error.

It appears that our Quality Team could not access the live preview. We’ve received an access denied message.

I don’t think it has anything todo with my Theme.
But did any of you had a similar Problem? Or does anyone know how to fix this?

If I install my Theme on any Wordpress Provider or local I dont get any Errors at all.

Thanks a lot for your help.


What’s your demo link?

I don’t have any demo link.
But I have a test installation of my theme here.

Strangely that link works fine for us so not sure why the reviewers was not able to see it.

Generally speaking I would be surprised if this was approved at this stage as there are several aspects which need considerable work incl. mobile view, design basics like typography and spacing, extended functionality and features

Thanks for your reply.

But it is a Wordpress Theme.
The User of the Theme should be able to set the spacings and typography them selfs?

If they can set fonts and colours themselves is irrelevant to the fact that as a “premium” theme and the author it is your responsibility to display the theme to its best quality.

If your demo is not the best it will be then buyers won’t choose it and the theme won’t compete with the very high standard here.

Also there are several issues both on mobile and desktop that are with the design and code which are below the standard for here and would mean adjusting at least CSS etc. Which is definitely not the responsibility of the buyer.

Hey Thanks again for your reply.

Can you let me know what those issues are with the CSS?
And I will adjust the demo page to show all the features of the theme and make it as good looking as possible.

Thanks a lot.

  • Empty space at the bottom of the home page (due to widgets)

  • lack of padding around the title of the home page post

  • Inconsistencies in widget content padding, on about page post

  • lack of footer widgets or structure

  • spacing between the header and main content

  • lacking hierarchy on all pages

  • mobile needs loads of work especially with icons, widget alignment etc.

To be honest the whole thing needs more attention to detail everywhere and even if you fix these few there is still the issues that the design is not very modern or competitive, needs way more features, layouts for home , blog, galleries etc.